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Farida Nabourema is a social activist and writer, recently emerging as the unequivocal voice of Togo’s pro-democracy movement. Farida has been a fearless advocate for democracy and human rights in Togo since she was a teenager. Through over 400 articles written on her blog and other sites, Farida denounces corruption, dictatorship and promotes a form of progressive Pan Africanism. In 2014, Farida published a book in French titled “La Pression de oppression” (The Pressure of Oppression) in which she discussed the different forms of oppression that people face throughout Africa and highlighted the need for youth and women to be politically engaged.

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Farida Nabourema

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Faure Must Go!

In Togo, protests are gathering steam against the 50-year rule of the Gnassingbé family. In this episode, Farida Nabourema, a blogger and human rights activist who has been a fearless critic of corruption, dictatorship and colonialism, tells Iyad and Ahmed about the Faure Must Go movement. We may call this the Arab Tyrant Manual, but that certainly doesn’t limit it to Arabs as this episode shows. Follow Farida on Twitter @Farida_N, and find us there too – @gatnash and @iyad_elbaghdadi.

Episode 169: Farida Nabourema | GLOBAL DISPATCHES

Farida Nabourema spoke to podcast listeners from West Africa. Farida is a prominent Togolese activist and these are very tense times in Togo. Several people have been killed in protests in recent months amid a growing opposition movement that is calling for the re-instatement of presidential term limits. These term limits are guaranteed under the Togolese constitution, but nonetheless are being ignored by the regime.

A Superb African Voice, for Freedom

Q & A, Hosted by Jay Nordlinger

Togo is a West African country, of about 8 million. Since 1967, it has been ruled by two dictators, father and son. An outstanding—and outstandingly brave—opposition leader is Farida Nabourema. Jay wrote about this young woman in 2018: “Daughter of Togo.” He also did a “Q&A” with her. She is back, now, with the latest: the latest about her country. Although her remarks are specifically […]

It's a Continent

Togo: Resisting Authoritarian Rule

We’re joined by Farida Nabourema, a Togolese human rights activist, writer and Pan-Africanist who has fought for democracy in her country since her teenage years. Farida founded the “Faure Must Go” movement in 2011, where she organised Togolese youths to stand against the dictatorial regime of the Gnassingbés.

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Interview With Togolese Human Rights And Democracy Activist, Farida Nabourema
Interview With Togolese Human Rights And Democracy Activist, Farida Nabourema